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Evidson Sound Supreme X88 Review : Retro music in the Remix world

Evidson Sound Supreme X88
Written by Abhishek Pawar

We don’t often see the company launching the old fashioned earphones nowadays. But the Evidson Audio has launched two earphones in two months. Evidson Sound Supreme X88 is their second retro designed earphone which launched in India and we got the chance to review it.



Evidson Sound Supreme X88


Evidson Sound Supreme X88 is light weight and easy to carry earphone. Though company mentioned that the design perfectly fits into the ear, I faced difficulty as it doesn’t fit into my ears. Earphone lacks with multi-function button which is present in X55. Overall design of the pair is ordinary. You will get two pairs of foam tips with the earphones.




Evidson Sound Supreme X88


Evidson Sound Supreme X88  produce HD sound across all genres of music. Its High Fidelity Dynamic Driver System gives high level of accuracy and precise in details. We used the earphones with different smartphones and different genre of music and though it delivered crisp and crystal clear words we found that due the retro style design it does not deliver the sound that it should deliver.  The drawback of the earphone is the tearable soft foam eartips. The eartips tear apart easily after prologue use.


Final Verdict


Evidson Sound Supreme X88 are only for those who are still love the old fashioned design and the earphones fits into their ears. Evidson already have a retro designed earphone which prices nearly same and comes with similar sound quality. There is no doubt about the sound quality of the pairs. You can go for it if you are on low budget.


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