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Evidson Sound Supreme X55 Review : Old fashioned with modern touch 

Evidson Sound Supreme X88
Written by Abhishek Pawar

In the world of in-ear and over-the-head earphones the love for the Retro designed earphones are fading. And nowdays it’s hard to find the best classic Retro designed pairs. But we think that’s not a problem now. We had our test on the Evidson Sound Supreme X55 earphones and ready to have our words on it.



Evidson Sound Supreme X55


Evidson Sound Supreme X55 is light weight earphone with the perfectly fit design. But for those whose ears are little bit small I will recommend don’t go for any retro designed earphones as you will miss the experience as you will get with in-ear earphones.
Earphone have a multi-function button which will handle all your media player controls and call functions.



Evidson Sound Supreme X55


Many of thinks only the in-ear and over-the-head earphones will deliver the perfect sound and performance. But we surprise with the bass of the Evidson Sound Supreme X55. We used the earphones with different smartphones and different genre of music and it delivered crisp and clear sounds. What catch the ears is the it’s capacity to produce the sound and tone of instruments clearly. Though sometimes you will feel the difference of using Classic Retro design earphone.

Final Verdict

With the price tag of Rs.549, Evidson Sound Supreme X55 will surely worth every penny. If you are one of those who like the classic Retro design then go for it.

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