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Evidson Audiowear B2 review : Rich Bass Experience

Evidson Audiowear B2
Written by Abhishek Pawar

Most of the audiophiles nowdays loves to hear the bass rich music. But the problem arises when you can’t find the one for your budget. Indian Audio solution company Evidson launched the New Earphone under its Audiowear series, Audiowear B2. We get to experience the Bass enhanced earphone and ready for the honest opinion.

Evidson Audiowear B2 Review


Audiowear B2 comes with the ordinary packaging just like other audiowear siblings. The metal design with a matte qnd glossy finish makes it attractive. The pair is lightweight and comes with thermoplastic elastomers cable. It is very comfortable for the prolonged use but we still not recommend to use for long time. In the box you will get different size eartips along with a pair of foam tips which really gives a proper grip for ears. The cable are tangle-resitant and strong just like the Audiowear Z4. Overall the design is average as it lacks in the microphone.


Audiowear performed very well for the bass driven songs, but you have to first change the equilzer.  The pair did not performed well for the classical songs and the movie dialogues were not clearly heard at some stage. I found it very difficult in adjusting​ the equilzer every time for different genre of music. The Bass songs experience was cool. The EDM songs were treat to listen. I will recommend that if you only listen to the bass music then only go for it. The one more drawback was the absence of microphone. You can’t answer the call while listening to music. You have to remore your earphones to answer the call, which is Little bit annoying.

Final Verdict

Having a rich bass sound the earphone fails to give the performance we expected after the Audiowear Z4 and R5 experience. The Audiowear B2 is available for Rs.999 on Amazon. If you are looking for rich bass earphone and not finding any in your budget then go for it. You should use equilizer to find the right combination to hear perfect sound out of it. sometimes it’s hard to hear the lyrics or the dialogues of the movies. Hope the company would get all right and come with a great product like other Audiowear earphones.

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