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Brainwavz M3 Review : Unique Design and awesome Sound

Brainwavz M3
Written by Abhishek Pawar

To Establish own position in Indian audio market, Chinese company Brainwave Audio have launched dozens of product in India. As many of the product of the company that we reviewed are worth the buy. The company launched Brainwavz M3 earphones and i get the chance to review it.

As the design of the earphone is definitely the unique one but does it sound like the 5k pair. While used for long time with different types of musics, it time to spread word about the product.

Brainwavz M3 Review




Brainwavz M3

Every time Brainwavz Audio introduces the product, the first thing that really catches the eye is the Design. Brainwavz M3 is a unique metal housing design. The back of the earpiece have extended part to take the shape of the ear but sometimes it feels unnecessary. Each earpiece is printed with the L/R sign.

The Brainwavz M3 comes with 6 sets of silicone ear tips and 1 set of Comply.  The cable is as good as the M1 and M2 and plug is L-Shaped. Overall the earphone is comforting but some users might have problem due to the odd design.



Brainwavz M3

Looking at the history of Brainwavz product, they never disappointed and the M3 is also the same. Braiwnavz M3 is perfectly balanced earphone. The bass and the noise isolation is awesome.

Throwing different genre of music, ut gives the awesome output.The highs and lows are very vell balanced. Due to the noise isolation and premium comply eartip, you can enjoy the music without any disturbance.

Final Verdict


Brainwavz M3 IEM noise isolating earphonr is available for Rs. 5,399. Looking on the design and performance factor the pair is worth buying. Though you have to look out for the odd design. The pair is very much comforting and will surely deliver great music experience to you. So if you are looking for the same factors in the earphones, go for the pair.

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