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Brainwavz M2 IEM review : old story with little twist

Brainwavz M2
Written by Abhishek Pawar

We reviewed Brainwavz M1 IEM earphones earlier and we also get chance to use the M2 also. Brainwavz M2 are similar in many ways to the M1. For which one you will go for?? Check out the full review and decide yourself

Brainwavz M2 Review

Brainwavz M2


Brainwavz has always focused on the design part of their products. Brainwavz changed the design of the earlier M1 earphones and with the metal housing Brainwavz M2 looks great. As we again and again notify that the design of the earphones are no doubt great. With non-tangling cord and L-shaped plug they are more comfortable to use.

Though the earphones are metal designed but they are quite light. While reviewing the M1 we pointe out the missing of microphone and control button. Company should look forward at provide microphone as every-time you have to plug-out the earphones while attending the phone call.



Audio quality of the earphones are not changed. Company has worked on the noise isolation and it is even better than other. Though sometimes sound feels little distorted but that doesn’t happen frequently.

Brainwavz M2 comes with extra ear-tips for every ear size and the Comply eartips are the treat for the music lovers. The pair performance excellent with every type of music. The bass and treble are perfectly balanced.


Final Verdict

Though the IEM earphones are on costly side but they are worth buying. Brainwavz M2 is not an exception. The pair are good but the Control buttons and microphone should have added more demand to it. If you are looking for same type of earphones they you can surely go for it.

  • Design
  • Performance

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