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Brainwavz BLU-DELTA Review : Go wireless with Delta

Written by Abhishek Pawar

Finding the perfect Bluetooth earphone as per your need is not so easy. Most of the earphones are either heavy due to the battery or either have uncomfortable fitting. From last year msny Brainwavz earphones were launched in India and the latest add to this was the Wireless delta product, BLU-DELTA.

The BLU-DELTA is the Bluetooth edition of the company’s successful Delta series. Does it really maintain the standard of wired Delta version?

Brainwavz BLU-DELTA Review

In the Box

The packaging of the pair is similar to other Brainwavz products. In the box users will get Micro USB cable for charging, Cable tie, Shirt clip, Comply ear tip, Silicom Ear tips and the user guide. User Guide will tske you through all rhe the essential instructions for using the BLU-DELTA. The hard case carring the earphone and accessories is the what we love the most.


Design and the built quality of the pair is similar to the wired delta earphone. The BLU-DELTA comes with a all-metal housing design. Unlike BLU-100 and BLU-200 the battery is integrated in the tiny box. The box though a little heavy but it doesn’t affect overall weight of the pair. BLU-DELTA is very lightweight​ and much comfortable than other Bluetooth pairs.

At the beginning you may find difficulty adjusting the strap according to your comfort but after that the product is all set to use. The buttons for the media/phone call controls are much softer. You have to use shirt clip compulsory as it slides down from the nake.

Battery and Connectivity

The most important part of the Bluetooth earphones is the playtime and the standby time. Brainwavz also knows it that’s why they have given 8hours of playback time and the 100Hours of standby time which is much more than the BLU-200. The battery gets fully charged in around 2hrs. There is a LED indicator which shows different light for user to know if the device is on or connected to the smartphone. Also there is a voice guide which tells you about On and off of the earphone and also while establishing the connection with smartphone.

Just like other Bluetooth earphones BLU-DELTA also operates within 10m range. Users have to pair the device only once at the beginning. The only thing I found annoying is that sometimes the connection gets lost inbetween. May be due to the seperate box of battery and Bluetooth components which gets hidden behind the t-shirt and when the smartphone in the pocket of jeans there is some disturbance you may face sometimes. This was not in thr case when we reviewed BLU-200.

Apart from this the connectivity is pretty good and the pair provides much more playback time. I will suggest to use user manual while pairing the device and how to use the pair properly.


The sound quality Brainwavz earphones provides is very consistent. The pair gives perfect sound in lows, mids and high. Though if you love the Bass music then you not find it fit for you. Using the Comply plug-in gives the best out of BLU-DELTA with the perfect grip to ear. Even if you find out perfect pair of silicon eartips which will fit your ears perfectly it gives best sound quality. The instrument sound and the vocal sounds can bd perfectly heard.

Testing the pair with every genre of music i found the classical and instrumental music will be perfect for BLU-DELTA. While making a call it provides clear sound on both the sides.

Final Verdict

Delta is the award winning sound signature and design earphones, and BLU-DELTA follows the same path. The overall design and the performance is excellent if you ignore the control box which is little heavy. The pair is available to buy for Rs. 3,699 and if you are looking for great Bluetooth pair then just grab it. But if you are the Bass lover then you should find the other option.

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