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Brainwavz Alpha Review : Good performance at low price

Brainwavz Alpha
Written by Abhishek Pawar

The Chinese Audio company Brainwavz has already launched plenty of earphones in Indian Market. Company targeting the budget audiophiles with it’s value for money performance. Recently they launched Brainwavz Alpha IEM noise isolating earphones in India. After playing with it for about 2 weeks, IĀ have opinionĀ and suggestions on the pair.




Brainwavz Alpha

Brainwavz Alpha is light profile earphones with sleek design and plastic casing. What most interesting is the rubber grip around the back of ear case. In the box you will get 3 different size eartips along with the Comply Foam tips and shirt clip. There is a company logo and left-right earpiece indication printed on the pair. The weird fact i found while checking the earphone is that the left channel of the earpiece is printed with R indication and vice versa.

The Y-cord cabling is very average comparing the other series earphones from the company. The L shaped plug gives you upper-hand if you put the smartphone in pocket while listening to the music. There is no microphone included in the earphones. The earphones are very comforting.




Brainwavz Alpha

The bass enhanced Brainwavz Alpha gives very rich sound experience. The noise isolation is very promising as you can barely hear the outside noise. While listing to the various genre of music pair will surely give you quality experience. Pair handle the bass very effectively and you can listen the clear music.




Brainwavz Alpha is available on Amazon, Flipkart and Gadget360 along with company’s site for Rs. 1,799. For this price tag the earphones are really good. We will surely give thumps up to the pair but look out for the lack of microphone. Company should provide the microphone with this price tag. But if you willing to buy the earphones for music only they you should probably buy them. Otherwise you can go for Brainwavz Delta which for same price tag also have microphone included.

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