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1More iBFree BT Earphone Review : Perfect Workout Partner

1More iBFree
Written by Abhishek Pawar

In the era of wireless, carrying the wired gadgets is so out of fashion thing. When it comes to the headphones, it is tough for audiophiles to choose the wireless pairs which can work for any situation. Most of the headphones are not built for outdoor sports and often fall-out. 1More iBFree Bluetooth earphones launched in India last month for Rs. 3999 and we grab the opportunity to review them.

Are these waterproof pairs worth the price?? Find out below.

1More iBFree Bluetooth Earphone Review


In The Box :


1More iBFree accessories

Along with the Bluetooth pair, the box also includes the extra 2 sets of ear-tips and sports grip. You also get the charging cable and the user manual. The one thing I found missing is the case for the earphones. If the company had included the case then it would have been the treat for travelling persons.

Design :


1More iBFree

The 1More iBFree Bluetooth In-Ear headphone has a Lightweight Ergonomic Sports Design. It comes in the colour options of Red, Blue, Green and Black. The one I got was of blue colour and it was looking really nice. The Oblique angled ear fittings naturally match your ear canals. The metal body design makes the look of the pair attractive and smudge-proof. As the pair is sweat and waterproof you can easily carry those everywhere.

The pair perfectly fits in the ears of any shape and size. There is the control buttons and mic on the right side of the earphone. The USB port is also built-in on the in-line Remote control. The earphones didn’t fell-out while working out or head shakes. Though it would have been more comfortable if the box included the shirt clip. Because when we are not listening to music and the pair in around the neck, while making movement may cause the pair to fell.

Overall the design of the 1More iBFree is top notch.

Battery and connectivity:


1More iBFree

The battery is the most common worry when it comes to the Bluetooth earphone. The 1More iBFree easily give the 8 hours of music play time and it can fully charge in less than 2 hours. So you can easily carry them while going on the short trip as it also gives up-to 240 hours of standby time.

The 1More iBFree comes with the Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity option with up-to 10m range. The pair shows different LED notification pattern to know whether an earphone is on or paired with the device. I found that sometimes the range strength to be weak and disconnects even if the device is within range.

Performance :


1More iBFree

1MORE collaborated with internationally acclaimed Grammy Award Winning producer, mixer, and sound engineer Luca Bignardi, so the expectations were higher.

Due to the perfect fit in the ear, the noise isolation and bass is great. Also, the titanium drive increases the sound quality of every level of music. Listening high bass songs are as pleasurable as listening to the vocal songs.

While watching movies and TV shows the 1More iBFree delivers clear sound quality. Also, the phone calls were crystal clear to both sides. Listening to the music in noisy places didn’t bother that much.

Final Verdict :


1More iBFree is available online at Rs. 3,999 with the variety of colours. The pair is waterproof and perfect for the sports enthusiasts. Apart from the lack of case cover and shirt clip, there is no doubt about the performance of the pair. If you are looking for waterproof earphones then this should be your choice. There are other options at similar price tag like Brainwavz Blu-Delta which we reviewed earlier.

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