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Written by Abhishek Pawar

Over the past few years we witnessed some of the most intelligent technologies. Every Time new technology makes the daily task easy. We all know controlling DSLR camera never going to be an easy task for beginner. To make it easier San Diego based company Alpine Labs introduced the innovative gadget named PULSE. Pulse is the extension accessory for your camera device.

Pulse can be attached to any DSLR camera or Mirrorless camera’s USB port and with the help of mobile application you can capture the moments easily. With the help of device you can  also record time lapse, or videos. You get all freedom with smartphone which can work as remote of Pulse. It can be recharge via USB and it last long more than 24 hours. Device supports Bluetooth phone connectivity and it is compatible with Android as well as iOS.


With The help of Pulse you can see the preview of the image right on to your smartphone with in a 100 feet range. Mobile application gives control to change ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed as you require. You can trigger Pulse remotely via Bluetooth with the specified range. It also gives great control for night photo-shooting allowing you to to leave your shutter open for up to several hours or for just dew seconds. In long exposure mode you can manually lock the shutter down or set timer for capturing a great shot.


Pulse setting

While taking Time-laps Pulse app notifies you about the low battery or buffering time Problem to ensure there is no difficulty in it. It also provides ability to start and stop the video remotely. The highlighted feature of the pulse is, it allow you to control up-to three Pulse-equipped cameras from same smartphone at once. Pulse also adjust the exposure and shutter speed while taking day-night time-laps.


Source : Kickstarter

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