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Project Tango device
Written by Abhishek Pawar

At CES 2016, Lenovo announced the first consumer-ready smartphone with Project Tango. With the partnership Google and Lenovo bringing smartphone during the summer of 2016 to the market at the price of less than $500.

Project Tango is the technology that creates 3D image of the surrounding environment as we humans do. Project Tango uses computer vision, image processing and special vision sensors to Android devices which creates virtual 3D world around us. Advance motion sensors allows indoor navigation, 3D mapping, measurement of physical spaces directly from the device itself.

Project Tango works by three main functions: Motion Tracking, Area learning and Depth perception.

  • Motion Tracking : Project Tango’s custom sensors gives real-time information using motion tracking technique.
  • Area Learning : It stores the data of the area they’ve seen before and can self-correct errors in motion tracking. It also allows you to share maps data to other tango devices.
  • Depth Perception : Depth sensors recognizes the distance, size and shapes around you. It can also tell the height above the ground.

These all functions together gives you 6-degree freedom to move your device in any direction. There are already many apps in the play store which uses this technology. You can check the applications here.

Project Tango is open project which allows anyone to create application for the Device with the help of development kit. Developers can submit there ideas for gaming and utility apps. Company will pick the best ideas and provide funding and engineering support to help bring them to life, as part of the app incubator. And finished apps will be featured on Lenovo’s upcoming device.

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