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Oppo announced Super VOOC Flash Charge

Super VOOC
Written by Abhishek Pawar

At MWC event in Barcelona, Many smartphone companies launched their new flagship devices, But oppo has something different. Oppo announced the new fast charging technology named as Super VOOC Flash charge. Company promised to use the technology in their upcoming smartphones.

A company mentioned at the launch that the Super VOOC is the world’s first, and currently the world’s fastest and safest fast charging technology for smartphones. Company first introduced the technology in 2014. Currently Qualcomm and MTK also have their own Fast charging technology. But unlike Oppo they uses high-voltage fast-charging.

fast charge

Super VOOC uses 5V power and eliminating the converter directly charges the battery. One of the main point Oppo mentioned is, you can Flash Charge your smartphone while making phone calls, watching HD videos, or playing games. While using other Fast charge technology, charger will revert to a standard charging speed, due to the temperature spikes caused by quick charging and screen brightening simultaneously.

According to the company Super VOOC can fully charge 2500 mAh battery in just 15 minutes. Also 5 Minutes of charging can give upto 2 hours of talk-time. It supports Micro-USB and USB Type-C


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