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Written by Abhishek Pawar

Just few months before Apple introduced Live photos feature in Apple 6s smartphone. The Live Photo feature uses Augmented reality technology. We all love the Augmented reality technology, But what if we able to print those photos. LifePrint, a Los Angeles based company has developed a working prototype of the device which will print your Augmented reality photos directly from your Apple or Android smartphone. It is a wireless and portable photo printer.

Company has started Kickstarter campaign to raise money for the project and the campaign will end on Jan 15 2016. The company has already raised pledged of $113,536 while the goal was for just $30,000.

LifePrint is fully customised photo printer. With the help of android and iOS app you can customise the photo that you want to print. LifePrint gives full bunch of photo editing tools including filters,effect and adding text to the photo. LifePrint app connects to all your social networking sites like YouTube, Vine, Instagram, GoPro, Twitter, Facebook & more. You can print any videos using mobile App. You can also share photos to your friends and family’s LifePrint printers. Also you can choose which photos you want to print that are shared with you. LifePrint is the first company in the world to be able to print a Vine video.



Going deep into the technology prospective LifePrint uses ZINK Thermal Printing and you don’t require ink for printing the photos. Battery life of printer is 20 photos while Film Capacity is 10 Prints. You have wait 30 sec for printing a photo on LifePrint. Dimension of the printer is 127mm x 76mm x 25.5mm which can easily fit in your pocket and photo size is  2″x3″.  You can help to raise funds for the company. Lets see how the product stands in the world market.

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SOURCE: Kickstarter

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