LG’s OLED Screen That can roll-up like Newspaper

LG foldable screen
Written by Abhishek Pawar

Television Technology is already gone too far from what it was 20-30 years back. And now with LG’s new innovation it is going to be on next level. From past few years LG was working on Flexible screen. In ongoing CES 2016 event LG has introduced its Fully flexible OLED screen.

In the article by BBC, they got chance for first hands-on. The new screen can be rolled up and scrunched. The one which LG showcased was 18inch screen with full HD(1280×810 pixels) display. As OLED that’s organic LED provides freedom to bend the screen due to absence of back panel which provides light to the screen.

LG rollable screen


The actual idea behind the bendable screen was to make space for your television lesser. Due to the flexible screen, you can roll-up the screen and put in anywhere until you need it again, making your living room space more free. Notably screen can only roll-up,not flat folded.

Still the project in prototype stage and as BBC posted, LG team is working on screen larger than 55 inch with which they can produce 4K display screen. At this moment,screen can roll up only in one direction and hopefully in coming years LG will work on it and remove the limitation.

LG also said no word about the pricing and availability of the screen. They also said that folding Screen Flat will permanently damage the screen. It will be great to wait and see when will be the technology available for commercial use.


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