Ehang 184 – A Drone that can carry Human

Ehang 184
Written by Abhishek Pawar

At the event in CES 2016,Chinese Drone maker company Ehang showcased the Drone that can carry Human. Ehang 184 is the Autonomous aerial Vehicle or Drone which can fly on low altitude.

As per date today, we have only seen the drones that take picture or videos and that can delivers the package. But a Drone that can carry Human is a next Level of technology. Ehang 184 is a prototype of the first autonomous drone that will fly humans.

Ehang 184 is the safest, Eco-est and Smartest low altitude autonomous aerial vehicle as the company stated. Company’s aim is to provide short Distance communication and transportation Medium. The Company has worked lot on the safety of the passenger. The Drone is powered by Electricity only. Ehang 184 is Designed with Carbon Fiber and Epoxy, matching aerial Aluminum Alloy which used for space craft. The material is lightweight and strong.


Ehang 184 is designed with Four arms and eight propellers which offers great lifting power and safety. Ehang has developed a fail-safe System which ensures the safety. With the help of Fail-safe if any component malfunctions, the drone immediately land on the nearest safe area. The communication is encrypted and each drone has its own independent key.

Ehang 184 will Take-off and Land vertically. The Pilot only has to set the destination and then to press take-off and landing button. The AAV weigh 200KG and can take upto 100KG load. It can fly at speed of 100 KM/hr and can fly upto 500 Meters. Maximum Duration of flight at sea level is 23 Minutes.

Ehang 184

P.C. Ehang

Inside the Drone there is one seat with 12 inch tablet with 4G Network in-front.  The Charging time of Ehang 184 is 2 hours to 4 hours. Company has yet not revealed what will be the price of the Ehang 184. Company is still taking the government permissions And soon be able to take it.


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