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CleverPet Hub
Written by Abhishek Pawar

We have seen many innovative and unique technologies during the CES 2016 event. San Diego based company introduced a unique Game, CleverPet Hub, for Dogs, which will entertain them throughout the day.

CleverPet Hub keeps engage them and create opportunity for dogs to learn. It uses a dog’s daily food to reward her for solving puzzles through lights, sounds, and touch pads. The Hub is designed of high durability plastic and it is dishwasher safe.

CleverPet Hub engages dogs through puzzles that combine lights, sounds and touch pads. And by solving puzzle they will get food reward. It comes with built-in WiFi which adapts game complexity and style in real time to match each animal’s unique responses. New games update automatically on the CleverPet Hub via WiFi.

CleverPet Hub

With the help of mobile app you can track all the avtivities of you dog. You can also scheduled the turn on or off using the mobile app. Hub features Stainless steel bowl which feeds the dog when they solve the puzzel. Hub includes games like catch the squirl, pattern matching and word learn.
Currently Hub is available only in US for $299. Pre-order your CleverPet Hub today and make your friend Smarter.

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