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Meet LG G5 Friends : Enrich your Smartphone experience

LG G5 Friends
Written by Abhishek Pawar

LG announced it’s latest flagship device at MWC in Barcelona. Along with the launch of smartphone company also announced accessories called as G5 friends that can be use with G5 to add an extra edge to your Smartphone experience.

Due to the modular design of G5, it gets extra ability to transform the device into digital camera or HiFi player. The battery module can be removed to plug the LG Cam Plus and LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O play. Other accessories included 360 VR, 360 Cam, Rolling Bot, H3 by B&O Play and Tone platinum.

LG Cam Plus


LG cam Plus is module that gives comfortable grip and convenient control of standalone camera. It can be attached through battery slot and provides additional 1200 mAh battery to the LG G5. It has physical buttons for power, shutter, record, Zoom and also have LED indicator.

LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play


In collaboration with B&O Play LG developed portable Hi-Fi DAC audio Player named it as LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O Play. It can be used as portable module with G5 or it can be plugged to any smartphone or PC to work as separate Hi-Fi DAC. It supports 32-bit 382KHz HD playback.

LG 360 VR


with 360 VR, LG too joined others in the world of VR. LG 360 VR can be attached with wire to G5 smartphone. LG worked more on the design of the 360 VR. It is foldable and weigh only 118gm. LG 360 VR delivers the images of 639 PPI pixel density resolution. It is compatible with all Google Cardboard content and LG 360 CAM videos.

LG 360 CAM


With 360 VR,Lg also announced 360- degree angle camera, LG 360 CAM. It sports dual 13 MP camera with 200- degree wide angle lens. It is backed by 1,200 mAh battery and have 4GB internal memory with MicroSD card support. With connecting it to LG G5 it can create 360- degree content with 2K video support. The videos are also compatible with Google Street view and YouTube360.

LG Rolling Bot


LG Rolling bot can be your home monitor. The toy has built-in 8 MP camera and can roll like a ball and capture videos and images. Users can watch live streaming by IP camera connecting via WiFi. With the features you can monitor your home even when you are outside.

LG Tone Platinum

LG also introduced the a new Family member to Tone series, Tone Platinum Bluetooth headset. It is world’s first Bluetooth headset to equipped with aptX HD codec to deliver 24-bit lossles audio performance.

H3 by B&O PLAY

H3 by B&O PLAY is a set of high-end earphones that is compatible with the high-quality sound of the LG Hi-Fi Plus with B&O PLAY. H3 by B&O PLAY works with all Android smartphones. The earphones are designed especially for those who consider the high audio quality in smartphone.


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