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Zeta App : Now Go Cashless

Written by Abhishek Pawar

There are many digital payment portals available in India, but how many of them can also provide digitised employee tax benefits solutions. The new Venture from Directi, Zeta provides all of this directly on your smartphones.

Zeta Offerings

Zeta Optima is a complete range of digitised employee tax benefits solutions. It includes digitised solutions for meal vouchers, medical reimbursements, fuel and conveyance claims, LTA, communications reimbursements, tax-free gift vouchers, gadget purchase reimbursements and more

Zeta Spotlight is a one-stop digital gifting platform for R&R, festive and partner gifting which includes insta gift, Digi Gift and incentives.

Zeta Express is a cashless cafeteria solution for workplaces aimed at reducing queues and hassles of cash usage.


Zeta App


Zeta Application provides very secure and User friendly digital payment solution. The interface and design of the application is the best you can find. The is secured with the 4-digit pin lock which user has to enter to access the app. The different tabs for cards and offers along with the integrated online sites for different digital payments makes it one-stop payment solution. One of the best feature we love is the Super-pin for your super card. The super-pin is the dynamic pin which changes in every two minutes so that to use the supercard you have to check the superpin to enter while transecting using supercard. The App is more secure than any app present in the world.

Zeta app

Zeta Optima


Zeta Optima is a comprehensive, fully-digitised employee tax benefits programme that can be managed through a single interface.

The Optima suite of smart benefits includes:

  • Optima Meal Vouchers
  • Optima Medical Reimbursements
  • Optima Fuel & Travel Card
  • Optima Communications Card
  • Optima Gadget Card
  • Optima LTA Card
  • Optima Gift Card
  • Optima Books & Periodicals Card

If you want to transact online with more security you should try this app from Directi.


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