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Boult STORMX Wired HD In-ear Headphones launched

Boult Audio Storm
Written by Abhishek Pawar

Boult Audio, a premium audio brand hailing from India which is known for its out of the box designs, best in class audio quality and value for money products, has introduced their latest offering  ‘STORMX’ in the wired HD In-ear Headphone category, priced at Rs.1199 + Taxes. Boult STORMX is available at

In the Wireless earphone category, StormX is an exact representation of its name in terms of Style, Comfort, and Sound. Boult StormX combines a custom earloop design with the in-ear comfort and ease. The earloop cum in-ear design of the product makes StormX fit for athletic use, extreme workouts owing to its perfect fit which reduces disturbance, passively cancels noise and does not let the earphone fall off easily and it has a lightweight design which only makes it easier to work out. Boult Audio has come up with ultra-strong cables that are reinforced with Kevlar and extra layers of rubber for protection and durability. Not only the wires, even the casing is robust so that you don’t have to be worried about wear and tear. Boult Audio believes in comfort which it delivers through its angled ear tips which provide a perfect grip so that the earphones do not fall and do not need constant adjustment. With the Boult StormX, you don’t have to worry about sweat destroying your favorite pair of earphones when you train you can sweat hard as these earphones are IPX5 certified. So let StormX settle in because they are here to stay for long. Whether you prefer jogging, long walks, cycling, boxing or gymming StormX is your perfect companion.

Enjoy rich, detailed sound quality with enhanced bass and block disturbances in your surrounding at the same time. Boult has come up with a sound isolating design which ensures a comfortable fit and blocks up to 37 dB of your surrounding sound. Now you can enjoy rich audio music without any distractions. The Product has in-line volume, mic and power control for easy access and comfort of the user. The built-in condenser MIC allows the user to take calls with ease and in HD quality. The fact that it is wireless makes StormX extremely user-friendly and reduces the chore on the user’s device, this means the user does not need to open his/ her phone time and again for simple functions. The auto-reconnect feature of Storm helps to connect your device to the product automatically thus reduces the extra efforts. The built-in Micro-woofer creates a deep and punchy bass which elevates the listening experience; you can enjoy a film, a nerve-racking video, your favorite music and many other things.


Boult StormX is a mini powerhouse, charge it once and enjoy uninterrupted music up to 7 hours, well that’s not all StormX supports quick charge as well so that in your busy schedule you don’t have to wait for anything. The Boult StormX comes with a protective hard portable carry case to protect your favorite pair of earphones. This carry case is built out of premium quality EVA on the outside and soft inner material to keep your device free from scratches. The carry case will not only let you carry your earphones but will also make sure that they are not easily lost. StormX comes in colors Black and white.

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