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How to Use Google Maps without internet

Written by Abhishek Pawar

Going to the new place and lost somewhere with no internet on mobile? No problem. Now you can find your way back as long as you have an iOS or an Android device, even if you are offline. Google recently added a feature to Google Maps, which lets you save maps to your phone to use it when you are offline.

Yes, you can now check maps even when there is no Internet connection. The downside of this feature is that you will not have access to route information, addresses, navigation, traffic, and a host of other data that require an Internet connection. However, having map data for reference might just save you a lot of time. Here’s how to use this useful feature on iOS and Android. The steps are identical for both platforms.


You’re going to need an Android or iOS device. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available on other platforms. Google Maps version 3 on iOS, added support for offline maps. Android users, be sure to update to Google Maps version 8 before following the steps listed below.

Steps to save maps

1. To use this feature, first sign in to your Google account to use this feature.

2. Open the Google Maps app .

3. Search for a place you would like to visit.

4. Type “OK Maps” in the search bar and hit the search button. A dialog at the top of the map asks “Save this map?” with a     Save button at the bottom of the screen.

5. At this point, you can zoom in or out, and move the map, to select the area you want to save. Everything that is on-screen gets downloaded, so if you zoom out  then you can later zoom in to see the individual localities and streets.

6. Once you’ve selected the area, tap the Save button at the bottom of the screen. A dialogue box pops up and you are asked to enter a name for the map. Just enter a name and tap on Save.

7. Accessing offline maps is easy. Just tap the ‘person’ icon, which is next to the directions icon on the search bar. This will take you to your profile. Scroll to the bottom to see your saved maps. You can rename saved maps in case you plan to save more than one.

Note: The biggest size for an offline map is 50km x 50km. If you try to save an area bigger than that, you’ll be asked to zoom in to a smaller area.

There’s nothing stopping you from saving multiple maps to cover a large area, in case you’re worried about that. The good thing is that the saved maps occupies less memory. So it will also be very useful for those who are running low on storage space.

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