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How to download YouTube Videos without any software

Written by Abhishek Pawar

(Watch video for step by step )

If you don’t have software to download videos then downloading YouTube Videos is difficult. Due to YouTube Privacy we cannot download videos directly from YouTube. We have many software to download videos from many websites. But when we talk about YouTube videos,we require software for it. And when we try download software and install it, we often end up with installing additional browser plugin or any virus. But, there is another way too !!

YouTube-dl is small command line program which helps you to download any YouTube video. YouTube-dl select the best quality of video you want to download. Follow the instruction given below to download YouTube videos using youtube-dl.

DOWNLOAD YouTube Videos.

1) Go To youtube-dl website and download the Python Interpreter from the link on the page.

2) On the same page of youtube-dl,you can see download option. Click it and download windows exe file from the page.


3) After downloading both the files, install Python Interpreter in your system.


4) Now Create a new folder anywhere on you pc and move the downloaded youtube-dl file into it.


5) Hold shift key of your keyboard and right click on folder in which youtube-dl file is moved.


6) Select “open command window here” option.


7) After command window opens type youtube-dl and press space-bar key.


8) Now Go To Youtube and search the video you want to download.


9) Copy the URL of the video and paste it in command window.

10) Now hit enter and sit back in relax.


Your download will begin and you will get the best quality of the video. Ask us if you have any query.

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