Youtube is partnering with GoPro For Odyssey VR camera

Written by Abhishek Pawar

Just a few of months back YouTube announced the VR videos support And now they are partnering with GoPro For 360-degree Odyssey VR camera. With YouTube partnering with GoPro we can expect something big and new.

The announcement came at the CES event on Thursday. GoPro is one of the leading action camera manufacture company based at America. In this couple of years VR technology has put into the next level.

GoPro Odyssey is stereoscopic panoramic capturing rig which givers user a 360-degree view of the moment. Odyssey comes with 16 synchronized HERO4 Black cameras into an all-in-one rig. The rig is capable of capturing immersive content in stunning 8K30 video. Odyssey is powered by 16 rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which are rated at 1160mAh.

Synchronised Hero4 cameras work as a one camera to give you seamless view. Company has also warned that the rig is not waterproof,so using it in wet environment can damage the cameras. Odyssey weigh only 6.57kg and is 294.6mm x 65.8mm in dimensions. Camera will record videos at 30 NTSC frames per second, 25 PAL frames per second. The videos recorded will be of h.264 codec or .mp4 file format.


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